Digital Health Companies

The Northern Health Science Alliance has supported digital health companies globally



A number of leading US, UK and European digital health companies have approached the NHSA. They have asked us to identify key opinion leaders, patient cohorts and study start-up sites to allow them to validate the clinical and health economics use of their technology.

NHSA support

The NHSA has helped digital health companies to scale their proposition from the original prime siteĀ out across the region. It has achieved this through working with one starter site or prime site to help individual companies to engage and begin discussions with the National Health Service.


The NHSA gives access to best of breed infrastructure from eight leading cities supported by investment from world leading charities, the Department of Health and the medical research councils.

As a result these companies have been able to demonstrate a track record of engagement and health economic outcomes with the UK’s Healthcare system and now the NHS is working with those organisations to scale up operations across the UK and internationally in expansion.

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