Surgical Robotics

The Northern Health Science Alliance helped to identify the right clinical partners to test and validate new surgical robotic technology



The NHSA was approached by a number of surgical robotics companies and automated laboratory systems organisations. It was asked to identify clinical partners across the North which had the right infrastructure to test and validate their technology.

NHSA support

Thanks to the NHSA the companies sat down with academics and clinical leaders from across eight city regions to discuss initial deployment and testing of their technology in a highly rigorous and research orientated clinical environment.

Connections were put in place with MRCP, NIHR, Innovate UK and other leading research funders to facilitate interactions across the region. A dedicated project manager set up and managed the project identifying how to track and measure the right clinical and health economic outcomes to best position the company for adoption within the NHS.


A number of companies are now working through the NHSA to run clinical studies in the North. These companies are leveraging access to leading clinical research infrastructure and the NHSA is helping move these technologies into clinical practice by working with the North’s Academic Health Science Networks once they are validated within the healthcare system.

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