BioMed Israel fosters UK collaboration

Grounded Research to work with Israeli digital health company, Taliaz.

9th November 2022

NHSA Member, Grounded Research will collaborate with Israeli digital health company, Taliaz to bring innovative mental health treatment solutions to the NHS in the UK.

Grounded Research, the research team at Rotherham Doncaster and South Humber (RDaSH) NHS Foundations Trust, is announcing this ground-breaking collaboration to improve mental health treatment by harnessing Taliaz’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) software platform PREDICTIX, that offers clinical decision support tools and patient management for psychiatrists and GPs.

Taliaz is the first company to move forward rapidly in the UK as a result of Grounded Research’s participation in a delegation from the Northern Health Science Alliance (NHSA) to BioMed Israel earlier this year.

Combining medical science with AI, PREDICTIX translates complex genetic, demographic and clinical patient data into timesaving and cost-saving assessment, management and prescribing support tools for healthcare providers. PREDICTIX improves first-time prescribing success, both saving time and costs for the NHS mental health services.

PREDICTIX today is showing improved efficiencies for providers with 90% of patients improving after eight weeks by implementing PREDICTIX into the patient management flow.

The new collaboration addresses the NHSA’s delegation’s aim to explore trends and breakthrough technologies with Israeli companies that have the potential to shape the future of the healthcare system, particularly in the world of mental health. The commercial partnership will allow for the integration of PREDICTIX into the NHS, and to improve mental health assessment and management. The Biomed Israel delegation was jointly organised by the Israel Foreign Trade Administration (FTA), the UK-Israel Tech Hub and the NHSA.

The need for innovation and vital investment in mental health across the North of England has recently been shown by the NHSA’s Parallel Pandemic report, which found that mental health in the North was significantly worse than the rest of England over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, with a £2bn cost to the country.

Grounded Research Assistant Director, Heather Rice, said:

“We are delighted to announce this collaboration. We hope in time it will make a real difference to the ability of professionals to prescribe immediately and effectively at the point of care. We are especially pleased that the collaboration will be putting mental health on the map in this exciting and innovative area of medicine, potentially revolutionising mental health assessment and management.

“We in Grounded Research are active and enthusiastic members of the NHSA and we are glad that a strong relationship between Israel and the North of England has been developed by NHSA. We know that our collaboration with Taliaz puts us in a good position to support the Parallel Pandemic report’s recommendations and support people across the North with mental health problems.”

“The World Health Organization estimates that there is a four-fold return on digital solutions for mental health in improved health and productivity”, said Dekel Taliaz, CEO and Co-founder of Taliaz. “This new partnership, focussing on improving the effectiveness and utility of mental health prescribing, has the potential to help hundreds of thousands of patients in the RDaSH area and a population of 17 million in the North of England alone. We are looking forward to expanding our efforts in the UK.”

Ben Martyn, Cluster Development Manager at the NHSA said:

“This collaboration between Taliaz and RDaSH is recognition of the amazing clinical and research strengths we have here in the North of England and specifically the excellence of the grounded research team. Taliaz’s innovative solution will deliver real benefit for patients here and shows that there is global interest in investing in the North. The NHSA will continue to bring cutting edge solutions to health problems to the UK and keep the North firmly as a global leader in the research, development and evaluation of health technologies.”


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