Newcastle is a world leader in clinical research and can boast of national leadership in ageing and Smart Data. Newcastle has deep expertise in precision medicine, pathology and diagnostics. It is home to the National Innovation Centre for Ageing (NICA) and the National Innovation Centre for Data (NICD).


Centres and Institutions

Newcastle University:

A world leading collaboration of research scientists, engineers, medical doctors and teaching professionals who deliver undergraduate and postgraduate teaching in medicine, dentistry, psychology, and life sciences.

Newcastle University Institute for Ageing (NUIA):

The NUIA is a world-leader consisting of academics, clinicians and researchers working on all aspects of ageing; from medical, biological and cellular, to psychosocial, economic and environmental.

The Academic Health Science Network for the North East and North Cumbria:

The Academic Health Science Network for the North East and North Cumbria (AHSN NENC) is dedicated to improving healthcare, driving wealth creation and promoting research participation across the region.

NIHR/Wellcome Trust Newcastle Clinical Research Facility:

Capable of setting up, negotiating and delivering all phases of clinical trials.

Initiative for Changing Age:

First initiative in the country to encourage over 400 local businesses to developing products and services to support an ageing population.

Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre (ECMC):

To develop new cancer treatments that work in a more targeted way by including biomarkers early in the drug development pathway. The Centre has PET and MRI imaging facilities and pharmacology and pharmacodynamic assessment laboratories.

Active Life Knowledge Park:

This £10m centre houses the Institute for Genetic Medicine and the Newcastle University component of the North East Stem Cell Institute (NESCI).

National Innovation Centre for Ageing (NICA):

The £40m NICA will enable Newcastle researchers to take a Global approach to the multi-faceted issue of an ageing population.

Campus for Ageing and Vitality:

Working in partnership, the Newcastle Hospitals and Newcastle University have created the UK's very first Campus for Ageing and Vitality.

Dementia Translational Research Collaboration (TRC):

Four NIHR Dementia Biomedical Research Units as well as six NIHR Biomedical Research Centres with dementia-related research themes.

NIHR Diagnostic Evidence Co-operative Newcastle:

The NIHR has funded four Diagnostic Evidence Co-operatives (DECs) to help generate information on the clinical and cost-effectiveness of in vitro diagnostic devices.

MRC Path node:

The node will be a multidisciplinary centre of innovative molecular diagnostic test discovery and development bringing together the research base, pathology/genetic services and industry.

The Institute of Genetic Medicine (IGM):

Based at the International Centre for Life, the Institute will harness genetic, developmental and cell biology to understand and treat human disease by developing and implementing new therapies.

Move Labs:

Looking at the what, why and how to make moving more an essential component of lifelong health and wellbeing.

Hub of life science businesses:

500+ international companies with bases in the sub-region, including GSK, MSD, Lundbeck, Avecia, Sanofi-Aventis, Nicholas Piramal, SSL International and Aesica Pharmaceuticals.

NHS Innovations North:

Managed more than 60 successful licence agreements and generated more than £1.2m of income for the NHS Trusts in the North East region since 2001.

UK Centre for Arthritis Research:

One of six UK centres to be awarded “Centre of Excellence” status by the European League Against Rheumatism (EULAR) and an AR UK tissue engineering centre of excellence.

Northern Institute for Cancer Research (NICR):

One of 15 Cancer Research UK centres, in partnership with North of England Children’s Cancer Research Fund, Newcastle University and the Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

North East Stem Cell Institute (NESCI):

In partnership with researchers from Durham, NESCI is one of the top stem cell research centres in the world most recently pioneering stem cell treatment for corneal blindness supported by the MRC

Genomic England Medical Centre:

Thirteen Genomic Medicine Centres (GMCs) have been established by NHS England. These centres are leading the way in delivering the 100,000 Genomes Project.

NIHR Newcastle Biomedical Research Centre:

Funded by the NIHR, the Newcastle Biomedical Research Centre is a partnership between the Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Newcastle University committed to improving lives through world-class research in ageing and long-term conditions.

NIHR Clinical Research Network Specialty Cluster:

Funded by NIHR, Newcastle University is host to the Clinical Research Network speciality cluster hub for the areas of Ageing, Dementias, Neurodegenerative Diseases, Neurological Disorders and Genetics.

The John Walton Muscular Dystrophy Centre:

Newcastle University and Hospital staff working together towards the development and application of genomic and translational medicine to improve the health outcomes of people living with neuromuscular diseases.

The Wellcome Trust Centre for Mitochondrial Research:

Funded by the Wellcome Trust and working to transfer the lives of patients with mitochondrial disease.


Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust:

The Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is in the top 10% of best performing Trusts in the UK.

Great North Children's Hospital & Royal Victoria Infirmary:

The Great North Children's Hospital (GNCH) at the RVI in Newcastle is one of only 14 major children’s medical centres in the UK.

Newcastle Dental Hospital:

Newcastle’s Dental Hospital is the major centre of specialist dental services for the northern region.

Freeman Hospital:

Includes the Sir Bobby Robson Cancer Research Centre.

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