Data and AI

The Data and AI Network has 27 current participants from 15 different member organisations

The Data and AI group is predominantly a legacy network of member representatives from our Connected Health Cities Programme (2015-20).  

The NHSA letter of support to six regional based EPSRC bids across the North estimated up to £198k ‘in-kind’ contribution per Hub, over the 3 years of the pilot phase, bringing: 

  • Access to our pan-Northern NHSA networks and governance structures 
  • Our agenda setting, servicing quarterly data network meetings (virtual) 
  • Ensuring good governance of the collaborations through our Board 
  • Advocating on behalf of the network nationally and internationally 
  • Plus making introductions and convening any ad hoc interim meetings that may be required to pursue new collaborative opportunities at scale. 

Attempts to influence the different parts of the system to collaborate in a pan-Northern Hub were unsuccessful for a variety of understandable reasons. However, there was evidence in each of the bids that conversations had taken place about post-award partnerships and added value of collaborations already established. 

Of the six bids that went in from the North, supported by NHSA, three were invited to interview. With only 10 proposals being interviewed, for 2-4 pilot hubs intended for award, we demonstrated a collective willingness to collaborate through the NHSA Data Network and persuade EPSRC that an award to one of these bids would bring potential for pan-Northern scale-up with future Innovate UK funding, beyond the pilot phase. 

In addition, and more generally across the north, the NHSA support and coordination was a significant factor in securing a hub for HDRUK– both in getting the award and leveraging opportunities for NHS involvement. 

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