Working to identify clinical partners and supporting a Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) award


Oncimmune created an autoantibody test for lung cancer. The test helps calculate the risk of nodules in the lung being cancerous. With a CT scan 24% will show a nodule on the lung but of these just 2% will be cancerous. This means patients can spend up to two years waiting to see if they develop further into cancer.

The Oncimmune test means that cancerous cells can be detected earlier – causing less anxiety for the patient and allowing any cancerous cells to be treated sooner, hopefully improving survival rates for the patient and costing the NHS less.

NHSA support

Oncimmune approached the NHSA to identify clinical partners to trial the autoantibody test and support an application for a Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) award. After discussing with the company, the NHSA introduced Oncimmune to Leeds and set up a visit to meet with key personnel from across the City Region.


As a result of the introduction made by the NHSA Oncimmune was successful in its SBRI application and is commencing Phase One of its project. This will also show the health economics of the test and how much money it will save the NHS.

Oncimmune is providing the samples, project management and scientific support for the study while Leeds University is performing the health economics, Leeds University NIHR In Vitro Diagnostics Co-Operative will be organising the patient and public involvement meetings. In addition, Leeds Teaching Hospital NHS Trust Pathology Department will be running the tests in an NHS environment.

Oncimmune is now looking to run the larger, Phase 2 study in the North of England.

For more information on the company visit http://oncimmune.com/



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