UK Science and Innovation Audit

Leading the bid for a Northern Powerhouse in Health Research (NPiHR) SIA


In November 2016, the government put the third wave call out to areas of expertise across the UK to apply for Science Innovation audits to identify areas of scientific excellence across the country.

NHSA Support

The NHSA on behalf of its members identified a huge amount of pan-Northern expertise in health research. It went through a process of identifying this and pulled together an application for BEIS for a SIA in Northern Powerhouse in Health Research.  The focus of this SIA is the development of new economic marketplaces within health through the utilisation of Data for Better Health & Wealth, and the implementation of Precision Medicine (PM) within routine care. Neither of these themes are being addressed in existing SIAs at the same scale as the North and this consortium will work closely with existing SIAs in the region and across the UK to support sector wide growth across the North’s life sciences industry.


The NHSA application for an SIA was successful. The NHSA is now working with government, its members and the pan-Northern experts, research centres and institutions to demonstrate the ways in which the NPiHR can be utilised to implement Life Sciences Industrial Strategy.  The report is expected to be published in July 2018.  Ultimately, our ambition is to establish the North of England as the scientific, innovation and global market leader in the use of health data and precision medicine for disease prevention and management through strategic investment in people, skills, infrastructure and programmes.

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