Neighbourhoods of the Future

Neighbourhoods of the Future summary

The Agile Ageing Alliance (AAA) white paper “Neighbourhoods of the Future” stated that the challenge of an ageing society cannot be addressed through a single sector or discipline and called for a holistic, collaborative and open approach to resarch and development, data sharing and commercialisation.

In April 2018, AAA and Tata Steel joined forces with partners, including the Northern  Health Science Alliance, to submit a £60m expression of interest in Wave 3 ‘Ageing Society’ Industrial Strategy Grand Challenge Fund (ISCF) to reimagine the homes and neighbourhoods of the future.

Under the banner of the ISCF EoI ‘Neighbourhoods of the Future’, the partnership built on this expression of interest commit to the goal of reimainging homes and neighbourhoods of the future, and to build on their ISCF proposition.

We believe that a passionate group of like-minded individuals in the same room, talking the same language, sharing the same ideals, and committing to the same overarching goal, can transcend the barriers which generally impede progress.”  The Agile Ageing Alliance

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