Diagnostics and MedTech

The North of England is a national leader in the development, evaluation and implementation of Diagnostics and MedTech. Working closely with industry, local government, policy makers and investors, our network brings together the globally leading northern Diagnostics and MedTech infrastructure to deliver innovation and value at pace and scale.

The NHSA is actively creating links (such as with the UKRI Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) / Innovation Agency co-led North West HealthTech Cluster, Diagnostics North East, and the National Pathology Imaging Co-operative, amongst others) and advocating for the northern capabilities in our meetings with NIHR, MRC, OLS, BSIT and others.

In MedTech, the NHSA is now a licensed facilitating organisation for the NICE MedTech Early Technical Assessment (META) Tool and will be working with companies to identify and address gaps in their evidence base.

Through our Diagnostics and MedTech work, we have delivered:

  • An invitation-only pan-northern Diagnostics Summit, held in 2022 in Manchester, in collaboration with UKRI STFC. The event report was shared with the Diagnostics All Party Parliamentary Group, to inform their scoping work in 2023.
  • Signposting of clinically relevant companies to member organisations
  • Positioning the network, with the Diagnostics and MedTech Opportunity Area, prominently in the Superclusters proposal to government

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