Pharma Open Innovation

The Northern Health Science Alliance has worked with global pharmaceutical companies to source technology


The NHSA has a track record of working closely with leading open innovation teams from global pharmaceutical companies. We were approached by a pharmaceutical company keen to access specific technology needs in the North.

NHSA support

The NHSA is well-placed to work as a proactive technology scout across leading Northern universities, hospitals and clinical networks. We were called upon by a pharmaceutical company to help identify the solution for its technology needs.

Working closely with the company, the NHSA was able to construct a call for proposals and manage the call. We facilitated an introduction between the pharmaceutical company and those in academic and clinical institutions with the technology needed.


Working in this way with the NHSA provided the company with a single point of access to world leading clinical research and a dedicated project manager to facilitate the interaction between university hospitals and clinical networks.

The result of this interaction allowed the company to quickly identify opportunities for engagement with individual institutions.

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