Increasing the visibility of the North’s excellence globally

The NHSA works to bring the latest global innovations to the North of England. We broker partnerships to support research, evaluation and co-development of technologies and services at scale. We attract high skilled people and growth companies into the region to support the activity of our member organisations and the wider economy.

We have created strong partnerships with countries around the world – including in Ireland, Israel, Canada, Japan, India, South Korea, Germany, China and Norway. We have steering and governance groups for each project and offer participation to all members as opportunities arise.

We have two flagship programmes, both focussed on attracting SMEs to the North:

  • The International Health Tech Piloting Programme with the Israeli Innovation Authority – 6 research and evaluation proposals were selected across eight trusts, including two multi-site trials, representing £1.1m worth of R&D spending attracted to NHSA members if the applications are successful
  • The UK/Canada AgeTech Innovation Exchange – 13 companies chosen for bilateral support programme between UK and Canada

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