Active and Healthy Ageing: AHA North

Supporting the creation and delivery of a Pan-Northern programme of alignment and collaboration in older adults’ health



The population of the United Kingdom is 65,110,000 with 18% (11.6 million) over 65. An estimated 2.7m over 65s live in the North of England.

The Northern Health Science Alliance helped coordinate European Innovation Partnership for Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP-AHA) Reference Site calls for four of its members; The Innovation Agency, Greater Manchester AHSN, Yorkshire and Humber AHSN and The North-East Ageing Coalition.  Following recognition by the European Commission and receiving EIP-AHA Reference Site status in 2016’s 2nd Call, each organisation’s innovative approaches and outcome focussed work across the North of England was recognised.

NHSA Support

Following success in attaining Reference Site status all four NHSA-supported organisations decided to create a framework for formal collaboration, ‘Active and Healthy Ageing North’ (AHA North), with the NHSA being identified as ideally placed to lead the coordination.

Beginning with an event to showcase award winning best examples in older population health from across the North of England, and to launch the start of the Pan-Northern programme, national and International experts in the field of AHA were approached to speak and provide input to the event, alongside member organisations’ showcase exemplars and award-winning local level initiatives from across the North.


The AHA North programme will support NHS England address a number of the challenges identified in its ‘Five Year Forward View’ relating to demographic change, frailty and long term condition management. This collaboration brings together a consortium of expertise spanning a stable population of 15 million, providing a platform of engagement and maximising on the sharing of best practice helping to bring the best innovations and ideas faster to where they are needed most.

To oversee and deliver the AHA North programme, an Operations Executive has been created, with the NHSA and the member organisations represented. The Executive is chaired by Richard Stubbs, CEO of Yorkshire and Humber AHSN, and provides the programme’s leadership and strategic governance.


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