The 12 days of NHSA Christmas

This year we have celebrated our work in 2023, taking the festive season to look back on our successes

22nd December 2023

To mark the end of a very successful year at the NHSA, we celebrated ’12 days of NHSA Christmas’, looking back on our achievements of 2023 and celebrating the people who have been key to our success.

On the first day of NHSA Christmas we celebrated Child of the North, which Health Equity North provide the secretariat for. Child of the North’s vision is for children in the North of England to grow up with the same opportunities and life chances as those in the rest of the country.

On the second day of NHSA Christmas we celebrated the launch of Health Equity North in April, a virtual institute focused on place-based solutions to public health problems and health inequalities. Since then, Health Equity North  have co-published 4 reports gaining national attention for key issues in the North.

On the third day of NHSA Christmas we extended our thanks to our incredible Executive Team, who do an amazing job representing the organisation and working with members to create better outcomes for people in the North. You can find out what the team have been up to lately in our December 2023 newsletter 

On the fourth day of NHSA Christmas, we marked our partnership with MedCity. Earlier this year we published an impact report that showcased our three-year partnership, which was the first time that cluster organisations hosted by leading universities in the North & South collaborated to support UK life sciences.

On the fifth day of NHSA Christmas, we looked back at March when we hosted the UK Life Sciences Investment Summit 2023 to connect investors and innovators across regional borders. Watch the video from our joint event with MedCity.

On the sixth day of NHSA, we said a big ‘thank you’ to our amazing international team who have this year facilitated exchanges and partnerships with Canada, Israel, China and more, bringing the latest global innovations to the North. Read more about their work here.

On the seventh day of NHSA Christmas we extended a ‘thank you’ to our Office Management Team – without whom the NHSA couldn’t function.

On the eight day of NHSA Christmas, we looked back to October, where we facilitated roundtable and panel events at both the Conservative and Labour Party Conference events, reaching hundreds of key delegates across the two events. You can view a gallery of images from the events here.

On the ninth day of NHSA Christmas, we celebrated our communications team, who work hard to share the news, achievements, projects and updates from across the NHSA – delivering impactful campaigns around important reports and connecting with key policymakers to advocate on behalf of our members

On the tenth day of NHSA Christmas, we said ‘thank you’ to our fantastic project managers. From Nutrition North to international exchanges, our team build on the wealth of expertise to deliver projects that make a key difference to both people and industry in the North.

On the eleventh day of NHSA Christmas, we marked the launch of the first phase of our NIAMH project with Rotherham, Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust using international connections to bring mental health solutions to Yorkshire and Humber. You can find out more about the project here. 

On the twelfth days of NHSA Christmas, we extended our thanks to our Board of Directors and council members – from Hospitals Executives to pro Vice-Chancellors, our board brings us a wealth of knowledge and experience


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