Below are a number of our downloadable resources on health research in the North of England. If there is anything you’d like to see here please get in touch with one of the NHSA team

Ignite Summit 2023 report View
NHSA Analysis of the UK Clinical Research Landscape in 2022 View
NHSA Annual General Meeting Report 2023 View
Labour Party Conference Roundtable Event Report View
Conservative Party Conference Roundtable Event Report View
NHSA Brochure 2023 View
NHSA and MedCity RED Impact Report: Delivering Increased Wealth and Improving Health; a Unified Place-Based Approach View
Life sciences: Super Clusters for Global Britain and Northern Ireland View
UK-China Roundtable on research and development (R&D) for Future Pandemic Prevention: Testing, Vaccines and Therapeutics (Summary Report) View
A Northern Life Sciences Supercluster: The Economic Potential of a Systemwide Approach View
A year of COVID-19 in the North: Regional inequalities in health and economic outcomes View
NHSA Annual General Meeting 2021 Report View
IGNITE Summit 2020: Learnings from the Covid-19 pandemic to accelerate medical innovation View
NIHR Northern BRC Collective: Innovating with Industry View
Connected Health North Industry Consultation: February 3, 2021 Workshop Report View
Connected Health North: A Northern Supercluster in Health and Life Sciences to anchor industry in the UK View
COVID-19 and the Northern Powerhouse: Tackling Health Inequalities for UK Health and Productivity View
NHSA Annual General Meeting 2020 Report View
Connected Health Cities Impact Report (full report) View
Analysis of COVID19 ONS Data March to May 2020 View
Connected Health Cities Impact Report Summary View
NHSA 2018-2019: Year in Review View
Northern Powerhouse in Health Research (NPiHR) Science and Innovation Audit View
NPiHR Executive Summary View
NPiHR appendices View
NHSA Annual Review 2018 View
Health for Wealth executive summary View
Health for Wealth report View
Digital Health in the Northern Powerhouse View
NHSA Annual Review 2017 View
Delivering Industrial Strategy in the North View
The Innovation Pathway View
NHSA Facts and Figures View
Case studies on how we work with industry View
NHSA Personalised Medicine leaflet View
NHSA leaflet overview View
supernorth_Lifesciences_NHSA View
NHSA_N8_Right Time Right Place_2015low View
Connected Health Cities 2016 View

North Biomedical Centre resources

Innovate UK presentation View
NIHR presentation View
BRC North Showcase Agenda View

Technology Innovation Transforming Child Health ‘Bridging the Gap’ resources

Updated Bridging the Gap Report 2018 View
Bridging the Gap Final View

Active and Healthy Ageing Symposium resources

AHA North Symposium Full Report (view in PowerPoint) View
AHA North Symposium Full Report View
Northern-Excellence-in-AHA-Symposium-Morning-Session-1 View
Northern-Excellence-in-AHA-Symposium-Morning-Session-2 View
Northern-Excellence-in-AHA-Symposium-Morning-Session-3 View
Northern-Excellence-in-AHA-Symposium-Afternoon-Session View
AHA-Executive-Summary-Final View
Symposium Speakers and Facilitators View
Symposium Registration List 06.06.17 View
Symposium Agenda View

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